Compression Sock Sizing and Fit: How to Measure for Compression Socks

In this video I demonstrate how to measure for compression socks, as well as discuss compression sock sizing and fit. Properly fitted compression socks will offer the most benefit for your needs, whether that be to relieve aching or swelling in the legs after a long shift at work or to aid in muscle recovery during running or exercising. Taking measurements for compression socks needs to be done correctly for the best fit, and it this video I walk you through the process of measuring on yourself step by step. I also review the various levels of compression and what their mmHg measurements mean. I, myself, currently use two brands of compression socks: CEP Compression and PRO Compression, but there are many different brands and style of compression socks and finding the best one suited for you is key.

As a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, I have been wearing compression socks for many years working long 12 hour shifts to help with aching and swelling. I also wear compression socks while running and training for marathons to decrease muscle aches and help speed up recovery. Any time I am traveling for an extended period by car or plane, I always wear compression socks to help with blood circulation and to decrease any likelihood of developing blood clots. Compression socks also provided great relief postpartum when I was experience a lot of swelling and aching in my legs.

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