D.I.Y Nylon Flowers + How to Dye Nylon (Repurposing Ripped Pantyhose)

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In this video I show you how to dye nylon (pantyhose) in acid dye, as well as demonstrate how to make nylon flowers with it. I saw these nylon flowers when I was younger in Chinatown in CA. I never thought to make them out of ripped pantyhose. Thought it would be fun and a good way to save your stockings….I get so upset when I rip up a good pair and this way I don’t feel so terrible.

Note: You can use Ritz dye, and Ritz does not require vinegar however the color pay off and the lasting of the color isn’t as orgasmic as using Acid Dyes. Acid dyes can dye silk, nylon, wool, and any other protein fibers. Don’t try to dye cotton because you will just end up very disappointed. The colors will not latch onto cotton.

Jacquard Acid Dye (any craft store, but I bought mine from an artstore)
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Both type of Floral Wire Micheal’s Craft Store
Floral Tape Micheal’s Craft Store
Water Gems Micheal’s Craft Store
Glow Sticks Target

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