DIY | How to dye stuff : Backpacks and shoes

Short clip on how i dyed my Alice Pack in attempt to make it less “military” and my mom’s shoes which she claims are too “flashy”.

I used dyes which were readily available in Singapore’s “Artfriend” store. Ritdye (SGD$7.90) are meant for organic materials like cotton, while iDyepoly (SGD$9.90) are for synthetic materials like nylon. I only used iDyepoly for both items but may use Ritdye for other stuff later.

Follow the instructions on your dye package for how hot and how long to immerse the items. For the Alice Pack i boiled the water and immediately submerged the Alice Pack followed by some stirring and topping up of boiling water. I then let it sit for 3 hours before removing and rinsing off excess dye. The shoes were simpler i just simmered the shoes for 30mins with the excess dye leftover from the Alice Pack.

Both items did not bleed colour however did fade slightly before settling on the current colour in the photos. I suspect if I could find a pot big enough to maintain a slow boil while the Alice pack is fully immersed the resulting black would be deeper. Caution: DO NOT re-use the crockery for cooking.