Green Wooly Socks

A AAA1 Production. This is an Indie version love video characterized by green wooly socks. I’d love it if someone did a cartoon version of this with just the socks. So if you feel like it, please contact me. 🙂
The video was created by Sarah Lipi owner of DocMe Inc.
Much thanks to everyone that contributed their time, talent and energy to bring this video to it’s final and engaging stage and making this vision a reality throughout the years.
Also thanks to my father for allowing us to utilize Fort Grainge as a an initial setup for Atrium Studio (now Bountiful Studios) while working on O’s ‘A time that never existed’, where in our spare time we recorded, produced, composed and created songs like this one. James went on to later record, perform and produced this track on his own. Thank you James for bringing this song to fruition. The best part of this is, you haven’t heard ‘Fragile Womb’ yet! 🙂 Stellar,…