Make Socks into Doll Tights DIY Sewing Tutorial for Agdolls

This video shows you step-by-step how to make a pair of 18″ doll tights from a woman’s sock. This is a great way to use old socks. I also find the dollar store a great place for socks, especially holiday socks. You can make 2 pairs of doll tights from 1 pair of socks. At $4.00 or more a pair, tights can get pretty pricey. You can make these tights for FREE with mismatched socks you already have. These tights take about 2 minutes to make, start to finish. Even the most inexperienced sewist can make these cute doll tights. I’ve seen other tutorials on socks to tights that are just overly complex. This is the way I’ve been making tights for several years and it is sew simple. 😉

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