Sock 139: TIME LAPSE knee highs for the 15 year old, with Kitchener stitch and BONUS Ender cat

In this video I make some knee highs for my teenager, Alex. I previously made them a pair of knee highs over the summer for a “Christmas in July” theme at summer camp (seen in video), so all the testing for tension and getting them to fit nicely on the calf had already been done. They love those socks so I decided to make them some in blue.

I did do a tension test for this yarn, and after figuring out optimal tension, made a heel and a 67 row foot and toe, and had Alex try them on. They were a good fit, I dug up my notes from the xmas knee highs and got to it.

The sock in real time took about an hour.

The roadmap:
cuff: 1×1 30 rows with lycra, using Juana’s 1×1 selvedge, tension 23:4
leg: 3×1 rib, 1-75 rows same tension (lycra removed for the whole leg)
76-120 rows, 22:3 tension
121-165 rows, 21:2 tension (optimal tension)
preheel: 15 rows, lycra added kept in til finished
deep +3 round heel
foot body: 67 rows, ribber off on row 62
round toe

yarn: Opal, sorry I don’t know the style/colorway I have a whole cone of this.

For more on how I figure out and track optimal tension, check out my tension videos:
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To see Alex modeling their new socks, check them out on my instagram: